Attack! FOGR Competition

The Forgotten Armies

- 15mm 'doubles' competition

The armies rarely seen in the regular competitions.

Cities of Gold.

Arawak, Carib, Aztec, Tarascan, Zapotec or Mixtec, Chinantec, Mayan, Inca, Mapuche or Araucanian, Amazonian Forest Tribes, Tupi, Pueblo Culture, Chicimec, Natchez, South-Eastern Woodland Culture, Timucuan, Eastern Woodland Culture, Plains Culture, Pacific North-West Culture, Buccaneer, Oromo, Central African, Funj or Fur, West African Forest, Mossi

Colonies and Conquest.

Korean,  Ikko Ikki, Mongol, Tibetan, Muslim Indian, Hindu Indian, Indonesian or Malaccan, Thai, Burmese and Khmer, Vietnamese, Desert Bedouin, Settled Arab states, Ethiopian, Zanj, Horn of Africa, Maori and Pacific Island Cultures, Hawaiian, Mughal, Wokou Pirates, Maratha.

Clash of Empires.

Mamluk, Aq Qoyunlu Turcoman, Anatholian Emirates, Safavid Persian

- NO European mercenaries or allies are allowed -

Entry: Entries are only accepted on the offical form and must be submitted with payment of £25.00. Nobody is entered until it has been confirmed by the competition co-ordinator; this will be done by publishing your name on this page.

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