Attack! War & Conquest Competition

Competition guidelines  

Entry: Entries are only accepted on the offical form and must be submitted with payment of £10.00 for one day or £15.00 for two days. Nobody is entered until it has been confirmed by the competition co-ordinator; this will be done by publishing your name on this page. You can download the entry form here.

Rules:  War & Conquest

Scale: 28mm - Armies should be painted to a reasonable standard

Armies: 2000 points

Army Lists: Any Ancient or Medieveal list published in the Scarab Miniatures Forum:                     

Cost: One day competition £10.00 - to play on either the Saturday or Sunday but you must state which on the entry form.

Two day competition £15.00

Limited to 12 entries

Starts 9.30 am each day

  Click here to see the War and Conquest Entrants