Attack! FOGR Competition

War of the League of Augsburg


- 15mm 900 point 'singles' competition

Armies to be chosen from the following lists:

- Habsburg Austrian Imperial (Western)Later German States (only Bavaria, Brandenburg-Prussia, Saxony, Palatinate of the Rhine) – lesser state German allies will be allowed subject to date and other restrictions.

- Later Spanish (in Flanders)

- Later Restoration Portuguese

- Savoyard

- Later Louis XIV French

- League of Augsburg Anglo-Dutch (not Ireland)

The following list modifications and additional restrictions will apply:-


1) We will be using the proposed amendments to the FOG R rules and lists. If these are finalised before the competition we will use the final version. Details are usually on the Slitherine FOG R Forum but if not a copy plus the latest version of the List generating spreadsheet can be obtained by emailing Bob Medcraft at:


2) No more than three of the foot battle troops groups in the army can be Superior or Elite.

Mounted Troops

3) The army must include at least 16 bases of mounted battle troops. In the case of Later Spanish is Flanders the maximum number of mounted can be increased to 16 to meet this requirement.4) No more than 2 BG's of the mounted battle troops in the army can be Superior or Elite. Under the proposed list changes where there are no superior mounted Battle Troops in the core part of the list then 1 BG per 3 of Average mounted Battle Troops from the Core Troops can be upgraded to Superior i.e. one BG of mounted troops can be superior and 3 will be average..


6) For each Battle Group of Medium or Heavy Artillery, an army must contain:

- 12 stands of Foot Battle Troops (other than artillery), if the artillery BG is 2-3 stands

- 18 stands of Foot Battle Troops (other than artillery), if the artillery BG is 4 stands

List to Brendan Morrissey by Friday 7th July 2017  at:

Any queries on the competition to:

Entry: Entries are only accepted on the offical form and must be submitted with payment of £20.00. Nobody is entered until it has been confirmed by the competition co-ordinator; this will be done by publishing your name on this page.

You can download the entry form here.

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