Attack! Warhammer 40K Competition

We are delighted to announce that we will be running a two day Old Skool 40K competition at Attack! 2017.

You can download the rules pack here


- it would not be fair to expect you to fork out for new rules and learn them inside a month! (not fair on teh competition umpire either!)

We are offering  a two day four game event:

Old Skool

Saturday 15 and Sunday 16 July 2017

4 games at 1650 points on 6x4 tables.

We will be using 40k 7th Edition Rules and the latest Games Workshop FAQs.  

There are 24 places available for each event and you are, of course, quite welcome - nay encouraged - to enter .

The event costs £20 to enter and includes entry in to the show.

How to sign up, payment methods etc are included in the attached pack.

If you wish to pay by PayPal please email the competition organiser

Entry Form 2017


Q1) “Are Adeptus Astartes Pysker Powers useable at “Attack!2017”

A1) "Adeptus Astartes" Psyker Powers are NOT useable at "Attack!2017" NOT useable in  "Old Skool"

Q2) Does “No Triples of same unıt” apply to Transports such as Drop Pods ?

A2) “No Triples of the same unit type” does NOT apply to Transports EXCEPT “Maximum of 2 Land Raider per army (whichever Variant” (Players Pack page4 “Old Skool”)

“No Triples” also does NOT apply to ‘Troops’ units, except “any units that change Battlefield Role to ‘Troops’ ¨[Count as ‘Troops’] are now 0-3 at ‘Attack!‘ e.g. Bikes and Jetbikes are max 0-3 units“

Q3) Codex Scitarii has no HQ units, how does that work and can Scitarii use HQ units from Cult Mechanicus ?

A3) Attack! 2017 40k permits 1 single GW Codex per army and No Formations and No Allies

"Codex Adeptus Mechanicus  Scitarii"   and   "Codex Adeptus Mechanicus   Cult Mechanicus"  are two different Codex, so each player could choose one Codex or the other but not both.

Scitarii are an interesting and unusual army, and the second GW Codex with no HQ units (Codex Harlequins also has zero HQ units)

Scitarii "Vsnguard Alpha" or "Ranger Alpha" could be your army's "Warlord" and could roll 1d6 on the 40k Rulebook "Warlord Traits" table or else roll 1d6 on Scitarii "Warlord Traits" table

Limited to 24 entrants - so book soon.

Players booked in so far

1 Will Bourne

2 Rory Searles

3 Kieran Searles

4 Nathan O'Sullivan