Attack! Flames of War Competition

Flames of War 1650 point Early War Event

Entry: Entries are only available onine from Eventbrite and cost £20.00 for two days of competition. Limited places available.

Rules: Flames of War (Version 4) Lists: From any official Early War Battlefront book or Digital List on Forces of War (PDF’s not on Forces that are not in v4 format are not valid lists). We will use the most recent version of lessons from the front, up to Friday 13th July 2018 (1 week before the event), including rebates for unused teams.

Each round everyone will play the same mission (mission to be decided at random, with at least one of each of the 3 different mission types played, taken from the more missions PDF). To decide who attacks and who defends, once the mission is decided and the players exchange lists, each player will choose a stance (placing a card or a dice face down), either attack, manoeuvre or defence.


Attack: Attacks vs manoeuvre or defence, dice roll vs attack (highest roll attacks)

Manoeuvre: Attacks vs defence, defends vs attack, dice roll vs manoeuvre (highest roll attacks).

Defence: Defends vs attack or manoeuvre, dice roll vs defence (highest roll attacks).

If the mission is a fair fight mission then stances are not required, attacker and defender is decided as part of the missions.

Scoring will be done using the 8-1 Flames of War scoring system, ties will be decided by head to head, then countback.

If any player would like to use a raiding force from Burning Empires we will use the final ETC adaptions for the rules (please contact me for further details). We will not use raiding missions.


Four 3 hour games  


Saturday 21 July: 9.30am – 12.30pm.  1.30pm - 4.30pm.  

Sunday 22 July: 9.30am – 12.30pm .  1.30pm - 4.30pm.


Would anybody that is able to provide one or more complete tables of terrain please let Graham Klaka know via email at


All army lists MUST be declared in advance and their list titles will be published before the event. Army lists are to be sent to no later than 29 June 2018. 

Preferably in the Forces of war format, (please put unit rebates in the player notes section in Forces),

Alternately please place your name, the army, which book, unit, size, points etc. plus page number so it can easily be checked.

If a player chooses he may bring both an axis and an allied force to avoid any 'blue-on-blue' situations. Players with two armies must declare them to their opponent as the round begins. IF a player bringing two faces an opponent with one army, then they will use the appropriate opposing army. IF both players have two armies, then the players will toss a coin, the winner will then use his AXIS army, and his opponent will then use their ALLIED opposing force.

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