Attack! 2019 Wargame Competitions

The Competitions

ENTRIES STILL OPEN UNTIL 18/7/19 for  1 place in each of the following: Field of Glory Ancients , Renatio et Glorium and Saga Ironman.

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Saga Ironman (Saturday only), l'Arte de la Guerre 25mm, Field of Glory Renaissance 15mm, Field of Glory 15mm, Bolt Action 28mm, DBM 3.3 15mm, Flames of War v4 15mm , Mortum et Glorium 15mm and Renation et Glorium

General notes on competitions

All entries must be made online through Eventbrite.

Army lists should be submitted to the appropriate list checker by 28 June 2019 unless otherwise stated.

Names of entrants will be published on the competition page.

Competitors should aim to register on Saturday 20 July between 8.45am and 9.30 am at the entry point in the main quad

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