Attack! Mortem et Gloriam

Warmaster Ancients competition

Entry: Entries are only accepted on the offical form and must be submitted with payment of £14.00. Nobody is entered until it has been confirmed by the competition co-ordinator; this will be done by publishing your name on this page.You can download the entry form here.

Warmaster Ancients Competition - four games to be played over the two days. Lists will be checked by the umpire - Gareth Harding on the day.

1,255 points plus three territories. Any published list from Ricks Warmaster, WMA, WAA and WMM so long as the Army doesn't have any Mediaeval quirks.

Campaign system from back of WAA as it relates to three or so random cheap units and unit bonuses. But No General upgrades .

The competition will comprise 2 games each day.

Standard victory points will be used to decide the winner of each game.

Army lists (in polanty of time) to: Gareth Harding

Spare units and whole armies provided if needed

Entries at 13 May 2015

Mortem et Gloriam competition

Results 2019

1     Richard Jeffrey Cook      60

2     Laurence Donohoe     51

3     Lance Flint               50

4     Simon Elliott               49

5     Daniel McLaughlin     42

6     Ian Newell               41

7     Alex Elliott               39

8     Adrian Nash               35

9     Simon Clarke               33

10     Robin Spence          29

11     Michael Bradford          16

12     jim McLaughlin          15

15mm, 10000 points, 6’x4’ tables; 4 x 3 hour games

Entry: £20.00  from Eventbrite now closed.

Army Lists/Period:

Armies and Enemies of the Roman Republic 400BCE-9CE. Armies must be from within these times and have fought for or against the Romans.

•     Armies must be selected from the Classical Army lists available on the Mortem et Glorium website:  Here

•     Note army selection is restricted to the armies and enemies of Rome. Armies can be allies to Rome such as the Later Ptolemaic. Dates should be restricted to dates the armies fought for or against the Romans. Research on the internet should clarify key dates.  Any questions or issues please contact Adrian Nash.:

•     Lists should be submitted on the latest army builder pro-forma:  This available from here

•     The list-checker will be Adrian Nash, to be submitted by email only to

•     The list submitted must not exceed the points specified and as permitted by the theme.

•     The competition is single list format. Any incorrect list discovered after a game has commenced (after set up dice have been rolled) must be corrected prior to deployment if spotted in time, and fully corrected in any case before the next match.

•     Army lists must be submitted for checking in advance and must be received before July 5 2019.  

House Rules:

i.     The scoring system will be the standard MEG tournament system.

ii.     A modified Swiss Chess system will operate throughout the competition.

iii.     Ideally players should bring their own 6x4 cloth.

iv.     Players must supply their own terrain pieces. These must be to an acceptable standard, and umpires will have the discretion to remove unsightly items.  Pieces of plain felt are not acceptable. Terrain can be commercially purchased or homemade.  

v.     In addition all figures must be representative and painted and based to an acceptable standard.

vi.     Games will last for three hours and the umpire will call last phase prior to this time.

vii.      Tables should adhere to the tidy tables policy set out by Simon Hall, here

Please note that the whole of the Devizes School site is designated a no smoking area.

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