Attack! 2022 Wargame Competitions

The results 2022

Thank you for all those who entered the competitions at Attack! 2022. It was great to see so many people back at the show with their wonderful armies. Most results are in and Flames of War and Renation et Gloriam will follow soon.

SAGA one day - Age of Hannibal and Age of Invasions.

Thanks to Richard Keenan and Gripping Beast for hosting this tournament. The proud winner was Dan Meredith, who voluntarily decided to entrer and was not put under any pressure at all despite the rumours. :-)

Well done Dan.

l'Arte de la Guerre .

Many thanks to Andrew Whitby for running a very successful competition and Chris Jackson for being the overall winner.


As ever the competition was perfectly umpired by John Graham-Leigh.

Field of Glory Ancients

Thanks to Dave Bannister and Dave Ruddock for bringing this competition back to Attack!

Field of Glory Renaissance

Thanks to Bob Medcraft for another successful year of FOGR and celebrating Ray's big birthday on Saturday,

Mortem et Glorium

Adrian Nash pulled off another great competition for MeG. Some inspirational armies were to be seen if just for the sheer size of them - particularly the Numindians.