Attack! Traders 2022

The Traders

These are some of the magnificent traders who have booked to attend Attack! this year. 32 traders will be present to supply your every wargaming requirements. Dont forget to pre-order with them if you want anything specific.

We are now fully booked for trader entry to Attack! this year.

   1-72 Model Figures

   Anita's Books - Military

    Battlezone Miniatures

    Bicorne Miniatures


    Charlie Foxtrot Models

    Colonel Bills

    Dragon Tales Gaming

    Great Escape Games

    Grubby Tanks/ Britannia Miniatures

    Helion & Company

    Heroes of the Dark Age

    Instant Armies

    Ironclad Miniatures

    Iron Gate Scenery

    Last Man Last Bullet

    MC Model Painting Service

    Mezzer's Miniatures (Saturday only)


    Newline Designs

    Peter Barnes Books

    Pit Gaming Shop

    Products for Wargamers

   Scarab Miniatures

    Scotia Grendel

    The Scene

    The Square

    Tiny Wargames

    Tumbling Dice

    Vector Design Maker 3D print

    Warlord Games

    Warpaint Miniatures