What we play

A typical Sunday afternoon

As we meet each Sunday you are guaranteed to find a number of different games being played. There is normally a Warhammer 40K game and at least one WWII game of Flames of War or Blitzkrieg Commander. The ancients period is also popular using 28mm War & Conquest and SAGA. As a club with around 35 members we have varied interests when it comes to figure scales and periods, so here are just some of the rule sets used in the past year:

- Warmaster Ancients/Medieval

- Warhammer Ancient Battles

- Hail Caesar

- War & Conquest

- Saga

- L'Arte de la Guerre

-  Chain of Command

- Bolt Action

- Maximillian - 15mm Italian City States

- Forlorn Hope ECW - mostly in 25mm

- Black Powder (10mm, 15mm & 28mm)

- WRG 1685 - 1845 for both SYW (15mm) and Napoleonics (25/28mm)

- General de Brigade Napoleonics (15mm & 25mm)

- Fire & Fury (15mm & 20mm)

- Flames of War 15mm WWII

- Blitzkrieg Commander

- Spearhead 1/300 WWII

- Force on Force

- Cold War Commander 6/10mm Modern

- Warhammer 40K

- Warhammer Fantasy Battles

- Spacehulk

- Dystopian Wars

- Deadzone

We also have the occasional burst of interest in naval games for ancient

gallies, WWI, WWII (Using Victory at Sea rules) and even Man o' War the

old GW game. Then a few like WWI aerial combat too, using Wings of War

or Wings of Glory as it is now known.

Like most clubs, we play just about anything and everything. Just drop in and see.

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