Attack! 2024 Participation and Demonstration Games

Brecourt Manor 1344

Hundred years war skirmish game using soon to be published rules “Ecorcheurs”. Organised and hosted by Rob Jones.

WW2 Skirmish Game

US Paratroopers trying to hold the bridge at La Fiere against German Armour. Organised and hosted by Phil Wynne.

Police vs Organised Crime

28mm skirmish game featuring a hostage rescue. Organised by Malcolm McDowall and hosted by Wargames Association of Reading.

Stick ’em Up

Bank Robbery Scenarios in the Wild West, 1/32 scale gunfights. Organised by Huw Williams and hosted by Decks and Dice of Ross-on-Wye.

Here’s The Ruckus

Demonstration of new medieval skirmish game rules published in Wargames Illustrated May magazine. Organised and Hosted by Mike Peters. Saturday Only.

Japanese Civil War In the 16th Century

28mm wargame, organised and hosted by Trevor Halsall.

The Great Northern War at Fraustadt 1706

6mm wargame organised by Stephen Pearce and hosted by Last Chance Wargames.

Pulp Fiction Adventure

Organised by Chris Newton and hosted by Combined Ops.


1810 inspired Napoleonic Clash. Organised by Ian Chard and hosted by Combined Ops.

0200 Night Raid

Operation Gaff July 1944. Organised by Stuart Greening and hosted by Boscombe Down and Amesbury Warmgames Club.

Amphibious Assault

Western New Guinea, Summer 1944. Organised by Bob Becker and hosted by Swindon and District Wargames Group.

BOT Wars

Sci-fi battle organised by Bob Becker and hosted by Swindon and District Wargames Group.

Hit the Beach

Beach assault using a card based mechanism. Organised by Dominic Whyte and hosted by Herford Guard.

Old Style Warhammer 40K Epic Battle

Organised by Graham Douglas and hosted by Herford Guard.

WW1 Aerial Combat

Organised by Chris Haigh and Hosted by Wings of Glory Aerodrome.